Corporate Partnership

The ISHA board is very appreciative of the corporate support traditionally given to the ISHA Annual Scientific Meeting and workshop programme, which helps ISHA to promote educational issues and training.

Nevertheless, we feel that there is further scope for new ideas to enhance the activities of ISHA and foster our engagement with companies who share a common goal in promoting best practice and nurture exchange within the hip preservation community.

The Society is succeeding in the creation of an umbrella structure for hip surgeons, clinicians and researchers, rehabilitation and prevention professionals, it feels that a more professional and steady relationship with the commercial companies affiliated with the field of hip preservation is warranted.

We recognise that recent changes within the medical device industries codes of conduct have had an impact on how commercial organisations can support healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations.  With all these considerations in mind, we wish to continue to encourage direct corporate support of the Annual Scientific Meeting and other educational activities conducted by ISHA, but we want to develop an ongoing dialogue with the Society and its members, through engagement with our industry partners year-round through our wider activities.

We are pleased to launch our ISHA Corporate Partners Programme, information regarding partnership packages can be accessed via the link below.

Corporate Partners' Programme

However, we recognise that each company has differing priorities and we would be delighted to discuss the specific packages outlined or individual thoughts and ideas you may have regarding a bespoke package.

To learn more about becoming an ISHA corporate partner, please contact:

Caroline Mackenzie

ISHA Secretariat
ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society

ISHA Executive Office: Rue Saletta 10. Riaz, Fribourg 1632, Switzerland

ISHA Secretariat Office: Warrender House, Haywood Road, Moffat, DG10 9BU, UK
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