ISHA Membership Committee

ISHA Membership Committee: [Chaired by the Secretary and charged with] “Establishing validity of membership applications; membership criteria; membership renewal advice; expanding the Ordinary and Associate Membership; identifying individuals for Emeritus and Honorary Membership; collection of subscriptions”

– ISHA Revised Constitution 2015



  • Filiep Bataillie (Chair)
  • Allston Stubbs
  • Bent Lund*
  • Oliver Marín-Peña*
  • Olufemi Ayeni
  • John Clohisy
  • Jörg Schröder*
  • Hatem Said*
  • Andy Wolf*
  • Jacek Mazek*
  • Leandro Calil De Lazari
  • Gen Foo*
  • Michael Banffy*

*denotes non member of ISHA board