Submit a survey request

As part of its commitment to research, ISHA offers the opportunity for members to address relevant surveys to the membership. If you have a survey that you wish to distribute, please contact the ISHA Secretariat Office (, who will forward your survey request to the Research Committee for review.


  • To promote a survey, you must be an ISHA member in good standing
  • Requests must include links to the online survey and/or to the project’s website, or a copy of the questions to be asked, as well as a copy of the institutional ethics approval
  • All requests will be reviewed for suitability by the ISHA Research Committee, utilising the assessment criteria accessible below
  • All approved and open surveys will be posted on the ISHA website and sent with text supplied by the member to the ISHA membership via email blast
  • Surveys are limited to those related to hip preservation and should not include information regarding commercial products
Download Assessment Criteria