ISHA Approved Courses


Apply to have your annual meeting, scientific conference or education course accepted as an ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society approved course.

Approved courses will be posted on the ISHA website.

The following criteria have to be met:

  • At least one of the course directors must be an ISHA member

  • The scientific program must exhibit high quality education

  • At least three members of the faculty should be ISHA members

  • The course must present 2 or 3 slides promoting ISHA

  • If companies are sponsoring the course, at least two different companies must be represented

  • The course must provide one waived registration fee for an ISHA committee member, who will provide a report to the ISHA office

  • An ISHA representative must have 3 minutes on the program to give a short presentation and promote ISHA .

ISHA approved courses are asked

  •  to use the ISHA logo on course materials;

  • to provide one complimentary registration for an ISHA member to attend;

  • to provide an in kind opportunity for either an ISHA advert in the final program or an opportunity for an ISHA bag insert in the delegate bag.