Mr Tony Andrade is a consultant Orthopaedic, Hip and Knee surgeon with a special interest in Young Adult Hip problems. He was appointed to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in 2002, where he established a hip arthroscopy and hip preservation service that that quickly evolved into a tertiary referral centre.

He has been an active member of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) since it was founded in 2008. He became the ISHA membership secretary in October 2012 and was the host chairman for the ISHA Annual Scientific Meeting in Cambridge in September 2015. He is the current 2nd Vice president of what is now known as ISHA – The Hip Preservation Society.

He will be president at the ISHA meeting in Capetown in 2021.He sits on the UK Non-Arthroplasty Hip Registry (NAHR) user group for the British Hip Society, and is active in trying to maximise surgeon engagement with submitting data to the registry. He has a keen research interest in conditions affecting the young adult hip but is also involved with international multicentre studies researching the outcome of joint replacements.

He was a senior co-author for the recently published BMJ article on “Arthroscopic hip surgery compared with physiotherapy and activity modification for the treatment of symptomatic femoroacetabular impingement: multicentre randomisedcontrolled trial”. He is a regular reviewer for six international Orthopaedic journals and is on the editorial board of Hip International. He has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals on hip, knee, trauma and infection topics, and has been a section editor in two surgical text books, as well as a chapter author in several books.