ISHA Hip Arthroscopy Fellowship Program



  • Applicants must be members of ISHA.
  • Applicants must have completed an Orthopaedic surgery residency, be Board Eligible or have an equivalent Degree in Orthopaedic Surgery.
  • Applicants should have knowledge in arthroscopic surgery with interest in hip arthroscopy and be familiar with hip pathologies and treatments.
  • Applicants should speak English, be able to present, articulate their experience, and have experience in academic presentations. Applicants have to be prepared to present and publish their fellowship experience.
  • Applicants are required to submit a short essay (300 words or less), the letter of proposal and their full professional curriculum vitae. The essay should explain their interest in the hip arthroscopy, what they would like to learn during the fellowship, and their academic and teaching goals when they return to their country. Applicants must be able to afford 2 months away from daily routine work obligations.

Submit Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae to the ISHA Education Secretary, at email: by 15th December 2018.


Applications will be reviewed, if found necessary, candidates will be interviewed and best applicants will be selected by representatives of the ISHA General Board, and the final decision ratified by the Executive Board. Preference will be given to those who have demonstrated significant interest in hip arthroscopy and are passionate to spread the knowledge they gain upon return to their respective countries.

The final Review Process and decision of two Fellows for the following calendar year will take a place at the Annual ISHA Meeting.


The Hip Arthroscopy Travelling Fellowship will consist of three parts:

1.) Part one will take place in the respective Country or Region from where the fellows are coming. This part of the fellowship will consist of practical training with a national Consultant-­‐Mentor chosen by the ISHA General Board. In this part of the fellowship, the fellow surgeon will be introduced to basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of hip arthroscopy, depending on the starting level defined on the interview. This part of the fellowship should take up the first 4 weeks. During this time, if circumstances will allow, the Fellow should be exposed to a cadaver workshop as well.

2.) Second part of the Fellowship should be for the period of 4 weeks and should take place before the Annual ISHA Meeting. During that period, the Fellows will be visiting 2-­‐3 International experts in the field of hip arthroscopy. The World is divided in to 3 Regions: America North and South, Europe and Africa, Australasia. The Fellows from one region will be visiting other two, depending on finance available. During that time the Fellow will be able to observe surgery, be involved in pre-­‐operative as well post-­‐operative clinical work. Involvement in surgery will depend on Medical-­‐legal regulations.

3.) Final round of the Fellowship will be at the Annual Meeting. Fellows must document their travels, write a report of the experience to present at the ISHA Meeting, as well as, submission for possible publication at the ISHA website/Newsletter. The Fellows should be prepared to present their experience of the fellowship as a 10 min “Traveling Fellowship Breakdown – Year ….”.