ISHA Regional Meetings

Guidelines for Hosting ISHA Regional Meetings (RM)

  •  RM should not be held in conjunction with or as part of meetings of regional/national societies. In addition, RM should not be held at the same time of regional/national hip


  • RM are limited to South/Middle America, Africa & Asia.


  • RM must not be on the same continent & region within 11 months before and after an ISHA Annual Scientific Meeting.


  • RM must not be held within 4 months before or after ASMs in general. The ideal timeframe being January to April each year.


  • ISHA members in good standing need to have a significant discount on registration in order to promote ISHA membership. A list of ISHA members in good standing will be provided by ISHA Administrative Office to the RM organizer on a regular basis so that the records can be verified.


  • The RM organizing committee has to conduct significant marketing to meeting delegates of ISHA membership and benefits. New ISHA membership applicants will have to input a code when applying for membership so that source of new memberships can be determined.


  • All educational material (power point presentations, electronic and video posters, and filmed presentations) will need to be made available to ISHA Society in the required format after the end of the event so that the material can be included in the ISHA Academy. All relevant copyright permissions will need to be obtained from authors/presenters by the local organizers.


  • RM will be completely organized and executed by the local organizer. A report will need to be submitted to the ISHA Executive committee three months prior to the meeting and within six weeks after the of the meeting summarizing attendance statistics, industry and sponsorship details (to include contact details).


  • The program is the responsibility of the ISHA Regional Society Committee but the main program topics need to be submitted to the ISHA Executive Board when applying for the event.


  • Applications for RM should be submitted at least 2 years in advance of the date of the RM.


  • Regional meetings must have at least three industry sponsors and comply with and adhere to rules, regulations, policies and codes of relevant governing bodies and stakeholders of scientific conferences.


  • A full list of industry sponsors including contact numbers will be transmitted to the ISHA Administrative Office E:


  • The fiduciary budget is the responsibility of the local organizer, including any financial risks. There is neither any financial support by ISHA nor any liability of ISHA for financial losses of the RM. Any financial profits from the RM have to be repatriated to the ISHA Foundation Switzerland accounts, but will be used to sponsor and finance educational activities in or of the region where the RM was held. A full budget and post event audit will be supplied to the ISHA Administrative Office.


  • The RM organizer is expected to take full event insurance cover for the RM.


For further information or clarification contact the ISHA Administrative Office: E: T: +44 (0)203 519 9427.


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