Member Portal

ISHA Membership Portal

 We have recently moved to a new ISHA Member Portal which will offer members added benefits and ease of managing your membership details in the future.

Your previous login details are no longer valid as they were no longer compliant with new personal data storage requirements.

STEP 1 – Accessing the New ISHA Member Portal for the First Time

When accessing the new portal for the first time, we ask that you create new account login credentials.  To login to create your Account Credentials click the link below and use the email address registered with your previous account.


You will only need to do this one time.  If you have registered as a new member within the new portal you can skip this stage and use the account details you created at application.

STEP 2 – Logging in to Your Membership Account

Once you have created your new account login credentials, please login to your member account using the Member Portal link below and using the login details you have just created to “Sign in”

Sign In

 STEP 3 – Updating your Personal Information

You will see that we have transferred over most of your personal information from the previous membership platform.  However, we would ask that you check that:

  • Your contact details are up to date
  • Add any social media accounts you like to use for professional activity
  • Add any business website url (we will be using this for the updated `Find a Surgeon` functionality)
  • Check your privacy / permission settings are correct
  • Upload a current head and shoulders photograph and if you haven’t already done so a short professional biography

You can login to your account and self-amend this information at any time.

If you would like any of your staff team to receive copies of any communications sent to you regarding your membership, then please add their email address  within the “Contact” information  as an “Additional Email”.

Functionality within the Member Portal

In addition to the information available in the Members Only area of the website, within the member portal you can:

  • View your membership history
  • View your membership details
  • Make subscription payments

Online Subscription Payments

Login to your member portal. If there are fees outstanding, a tab on the left-hand menu within the member portal will appear called “Member Renewal”.  To make a payment, click on the Member Renewal tab on the left hand menu bar.  If there are no payments due then this tab will not appear.  Click on the “Pay Now” button and you have the option to pay by credit card using Paypal or select “Pay Later” should you wish to pay by bank transfer or standing order payment.

Any outstanding dues from previous years will also appear (if any).

Please note the importance of using the PAY NOW link.  Any payments not made via the PAY NOW link will not be tracked against your member account and may result in payments not being correctly posted.

Bank Transfer / Standing Order Payments

Should you prefer to make your payments by bank transfer or by standing order please contact the ISHA Membership Office and we will send you details for the ISHA Bank Account

If your membership payment is being made by bank transfer or standing order by a third-party e.g. a hospital or clinic, can you ask that they clearly specify on the payment remittance which member payment they are making so we can link this to your account.

 Subscription Receipts

If you make your payment online, via the PAY NOW link you will automatically receive a payment receipt.

Should you make your payment by bank transfer or standing order please email the ISHA Membership Office and we will send you a receipt for your files.  Should you require any membership receipts to be issued or addressed differently also contact the office team

Resetting Your Password

Should you forget your login password, email the membership team and request a password reset.  Please note these reset links are only valid for 2 hours.  If it expires request another to be resent.

Changes to Your Membership

Should you wish to make any changes to your membership, such as change category of membership, email the membership team to advise of this request and they will advise of the process.

Membership Year

The membership year from 1 June to 31 May.  Renewal remittances will be sent out in mid-May each year.  Dues must be fully paid to qualify for the preferential registration rates at that year’s ISHA Annual Scientific Meeting. If you have joined ISHA mid-year, you will also receive a renewal notice in Mid-May and the following year’s subscription will be prorated to reflect the balance due.

ISHA Membership Benefits 

Membership of ISHA – the Hip Preservation Society provides you with the following benefits:

  • Membership of the premier hip preservation society
  • Discounted registration fees for ISHA 2018 in Melbourne
  • Direct access to the Arthroscopy Journal
  • Direct access and publication fees at the Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery