Membership Information

As of 1st January 2021, ISHA updated its credit card payment gateway to comply with the new European SCA directive that came into place on the 31st December 2020.  This is a directive that relates to authentication of online payments. After applying for membership or when receiving call for dues, you will be sent a payment link by email, which will enable secure online credit card payment, which meets the SCA authentication requirements.


ISHA Facts

The International Society for Hip Arthroscopy was founded in Paris on May 18, 2008 by 12 hip arthroscopists from Australia, Europe, and North and South America. The vision of the Society is to be the premier international society for education and research in arthroscopic hip surgery. ISHA is a not-for-profit Society which aims to stimulate research and education in hip arthroscopic surgery and thereby expand the network of healthcare professionals undertaking the procedure safely.

Membership Categories

Ordinary Membership

Is open to either surgeons or physicians who have a special interest in hip arthroscopic surgery who have been in clinical practice for a minimum of two years following accreditation (or equivalent) in their field. The Membership Committee encourages applicants who have demonstrated efforts in research, publications, or clinical leadership in the field, or by the presentation of a paper to the Society. Exceptions may be made following consideration by the Executive Committee.

Associate Membership

Is open to surgeons and physicians in training. This status will be confirmed by the Executive Committee and presented to the Ordinary Membership at an AGM or EGM for their approval. Associate Members are not eligible to vote on matters concerning the Society.

Affiliate Membership

Is open to those who are not surgeons or physicians and/or who do not possess a medical qualification. Affiliate Members are not eligible to vote on matters concerning the Society.

Honorary Membership

May be offered to distinguished surgeons, physicians, scientists, and other practititioners who have a special interest in hip arthroscopic surgery. This status, which is by invitation from the ISHA only, will be confirmed by the Executive Committee and presented to the Ordinary Membership at an AGM or EGM for their approval.

Emeritus Membership

Is open to Ordinary Members on reaching the age of 65 years and who are no longer in full clinical practice. This status will be confirmed by the Executive Committee and presented to the Ordinary Membership at an AGM or EGM for their approval. Emeritus Members are not eligible to vote on matters concerning the Society unless they form part of the Executive Committee.

Benefits of Membership

ISHA membership offers:

– Membership of the premier hip preservation society
Discounted registration fees for ISHA Annual Scientific Meeting
– A shared forum with fellow colleagues
– A listing in “Find a Surgeon” feature on (Ordinary Members)
– Direct access to the Arthroscopy Journal
– Direct access and publication fees at the Journal of Hip Preservation Surgery
– Direct access and reduced publication fees at the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine and Video Journal of Sports Medicine
– Links to live surgery educational events with leading hip preservation surgeons
– Eligibility to apply for the ISHA International Travelling Fellowship
– ISHA newsletter subscription
– Opportunity to serve on ISHA committees (Ordinary Members)
– Unrestricted access to Live and On Demand ISHA Virtual Education Programme
– Unrestricted access to the ISHA Learning Academy
– Ability to submit content for inclusion in the ISHA Learning Academy
– Opportunity to share scientific research links with colleagues
– Access to ISHA Trainee Virtual Fellowship Programme
– Benefits with ISHA Partner Societies
– Ability to apply for ISHA Research Grants (coming soon)

Membership Rates

ISHA Membership is offered on an annual basis running from 1 June to 31 May the following year.  Members joining part way through a membership year will be charged a pro-rated fee for the 1st year of membership.

Fees, payable in British Pounds (GBP) from 1 June 2021, and include the benefits above are:

Ordinary Membership                                                                            GBP £270

Associate Membership                                                                           GBP £160

Affiliate Membership                                                                              GBP £100

Emeritus Membership                                                                            GBP £80


Payment can be made at the time of application by credit card on the application form or bank transfer and standing order options are available.

ISHA Academy

ISHA members can enjoy full unrestricted access to the ISHA Learning Academy Module, accessed via the ISHA Society Website  This provides members in good standing  with access to a realm of educational material and online learning tools, including presentations from past meetings, live webinars and live surgery broadcasts.  From July 1 2021, ISHA members in good standing will be able to submit materials for peer review for inclusion in the Academy Module.

Application for Membership

Application for a Membership should be made to the Membership Secretary on the standard application form which is accessed via the Join ISHA webpage.  You are asked to make the applicable subscription fee payment at the time of application.

 The application will be inspected by the Membership Committee monthly, and membership notified thereafter. Membership will be formally ratified annually by the Ordinary Members at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Should your application be unsuccessful we will refund the fee paid less GBP£ 60 administration fee.

Membership is renewed annually on 1 June but membership applications can be made at any time during the year.

Should you have any questions before applying for membership, please do not hesitate in contacting the membership team at



Ordinary Membership Maintenance Criteria

  • Attendance at one ISHA annual meeting every 3 years

Cessation of Membership will occur on:

  • Receipt of a Member’s written resignation
  • After failing to pay any subscription fee for 2 years
  • Failing to attend a minimum of one Society annual meeting every 3 years (Ordinary Members only)
  • As a result of a decision by the Executive Committee that cessation is in the best interests of the Society. Examples might include, but not be limited to, loss of license to practice, criminal behaviour, or unethical practice of any kind.

Accessing You Member Account:

In June 2018, we upgraded our membership management platform to comply with EU GDPR data security and management practices.  Your Members data is no longer stored within the website but instead in a secure Data Store.

If you are an existing ISHA member, you will need to access your account in a different way and in the 1st instance create new login credentials.  Instructions for “How To” access the membership portal, make payments and update your Member information can be found via the link below.

Existing Members – Account Login Instructions